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How is uberPOOL Different? 1. You need to enter your destination when you request your trip, that way we can try to match you with someone going along a similar route. 2. Each rider can have only one destination and you can’t change your pickup location or destination after you request 3. Since we want to be courteous to both riders, your driver will only wait 2 minutes at each pickup location 4. At up to 50% less than uberGO, it's our cheapest Uber yet! What type Of car will You get? You’ll share one of the vehicles that's otherwise available on uberGO and uberX. What If You Don't Match With Another Rider? If there is no rider near you with a similar route, you will get a solo ride, just like taking uberGO. uberPOOL is available in these below Cities? Hyderabad, Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and so on. uberPOOL is Offering Share your ride and save on Cab Rides. Share your uberX car and driver with other riders, and you’ll share the cost. So everyone gets a guaranteed fare that's the cheapest Uber option. No uberPOOL Coupon Code is Required. Hit the road with uberPOOL. Ride Now

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